"If you ever wanted to play with a fighting game or anime style martial arts RPG, then look no further than Thrash."
   - Rob Pool, The Anime RPG Shrine

Prepare for the ultimate in martial arts roleplaying excitement! Thrash is a free tabletop RPG that brings the full contact martial arts excitement of anime and fighting games to the gaming table!
    Thrash lets you create your own fighter with dozens of fighting styles and hundreds of special moves to choose from. Whether your pleasure is SNK, Capcom, Namco, or over-the-top anime action, Thrash strives to provide all the cans of wup-ass you'll ever need. And all you have to do is download the rulebook from this page.

Thrash Downloads

Thrash 2.0 Beta
Thrash 1.8
Thrash Sourcebook 1.0
Street Fighter 0.6