Distant Star Games is the label for my roleplaying games. My aim is to make games that are fun and wacky, and which reflect my own interests and stuff. That means lots of stuff inspired by anime and manga, but other things here and there when I feel like it. At present DSG's offerings are all be free, but you never know.

On The Horizon
I don't quite update this site as often as I really should. If you want to know what I'm working on you should check out my RPG blog.

About The Author/Designer
Ewen (pronounced like "Aaron" damn you) is a graduate student and freelance translator. He's been trying to design RPGs and write stories for years and only recently decided that his efforts have actually been succeeding. Sort of. Kind of. The closest thing he has to a claim to fame in Thrash, a free fighting game martial arts RPG. His other interests include anime, manga, the Japanese language, video games, literature, roleplaying games, and some other geeky stuff besides.